We accept the following payment methods:

• PayPal
• Cards, Apple or Google Pay

They are delivered instantly to your account, and shortly thereafter by email

Yes, full ownership, including username and password. You will be able to change the email address as all our accounts are unverified.

Change the email and password of your League account at the League of Legends website.

Yes. Your bank will automatically convert it meaning you can buy a LoL account with any currency.

Summoner Names of our League accounts are mostly human-friendly.
You can purchase the Summoner Name change using RP or BE in the LoL client store.

Ready to play games ranked unranked League accounts with clean history ranked.

Smurfs have more than 20 champions and at least 30 lvl.

Account must have at least 30 lvl and 20 champions as this is a requirement of the ranked mode.

The price includes a brand new level 30+ account. All accounts come with the selected amount of BE (or more) and the specific skinshards that you selected for your SkinSmurf. They are ready to use and have Unranked MMR.

Yes they can. However, we uses the most sophisticated IP technology and VPN available on the market when leveling the accounts. This makes it very hard to detect our procedures and we have a very low chance of ban. Still, the possibility exists, so if you can’t afford to lose RP, don’t purchase RP until some months have passed since the purchase date to be sure the account is safe. We offer a litetime warranty, so if it’s banned and it’s not your fault you will be covered and will receive a account replacement


Aceptamos el pago mediante:

• PayPal
• Tarjeta, Apple or Google Pay

Recibirás tu cuenta instantáneamente en tu email, al finalizar la compra también podrás ver la cuenta en la pantalla

El formato de envio es el siguiente:


EUW – Region
XXXXX: Usuario

YYYY: Contraseña

00000: Esencias azules

Si, te enviaremos el usuario y contraseña, todas las cuentas están sin verificar así que podrás cambiar el email 

Puedes cambiar el email y contraseña directamente desde la web de riot:

Si, puedes pagar en otra moneda y paypal o stripe hará la conversión instantanea

Los nombre de jugador son de apariencia real , no obstante podrás cambiarlo usando puntos RP o BE

Una cuenta smurf es una cuenta de nivel 30 que está lista para jugar partidas ranked, tiene un historial limpio

Con nuestras cuentas Smurf de nivel 30 podrás empezar a jugar ranked desde el minuto 0

Las cuentas smurf incluyen nivel 30 para poder clasificar, 50.000 o mas esencias azules para que puedas comprar campeones


Nuestro porcentaje de baneo de cuentas es muy bajo menos del 1%, utilizamos IP´s diferentes y VPN para crearlas no obstante ofrecemos garantía en caso de baneo por boot